How should I create my affiliate tracking link?

Firstly, ensure that you can call the Promotions endpoint correctly as you'll need the data it returns. Combine the following to create a tracking link -


nimda-user-id is returned by the addUser every time you register a new user. Be sure to store this.

Does your platform provide categories for each brand?

Yes we do! Please refer to the Promotions endpoint where you will see an array called Categories, we use a number of different categories and endeavour to assign as many relevant ones as possible.

What information do I need to provide in order to register a user?

We only require for you to provide your own unique user id (UID) for the user. In return we will return something called a nimda-user-id. Always ensure that you save this alongside your own UID for the individual.

What are the main endpoints that I should focus on in order to integrate into Finfare Connect?

Well that depends on what you are looking for! However, we would absolutely recommend starting with the below endpoints to get your app off the ground -

  • addUser - Will allow you to start registering users
  • getUserStatus - Allows you to check users spend history
  • getPromotion - You will be able to ingest all of Finfare Connects offers by using this endpoint.